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De Addiction Centre in AmritsarLifeline Foundation is offering world class and effective drug rehabilitation services at De addiction centre in Amritsar. Drug addiction has become a huge problem for our society and it should be tackled in time without being late. Because we are facing very harmful consequences emerging from the drugs. Accordingly, we have exceptional treatment methodologies to fight against this dreadful evil effectively.

Our De addiction centre in Amritsar is working superbly and meeting the desires of the patients on a large scale. That’s the key reason why people around north India are approaching us in search of better results at least prices. Contact us at +917270033333 and make your life healthy, prosperous and drug-free at our drug rehabilitation centre in Amritsar. We promise you that we will provide you with a one-time and permanent solution to your remove your addiction to the drugs.

We have remarkable qualities at our De Addiction Centre in Amritsar

Drug rehabilitation centres have become an important part of our society. Only a few years ago, there are least rehabilitation centres come to hear, but today, numerous centres are working in a single town. It indicates a bad image of our society. But we have to face the realities. Comparatively, at our De addiction centre in Amritsar, we have several quality characteristics. Some of the major are as follow:

We are delivering a congenial and favorable environment to our patients. Because our De addiction centre in Amritsar is much away from the noisy and polluted atmosphere. Healthy and pure climate works wonder for the ill person. It is always said that precaution is better than treatment. So keeping in mind, we are working in the lap of nature.

Further, we have an excellent and tremendous infrastructure to make the drug addicts feeling at home. At Nasha Mukti Kender in Amritsar, we are providing more than all the facilities and comforts that we enjoy at our home. We have fully AC and deluxe rooms, beautiful gardens, and courtyards in front of the building, separate swimming-pools for gents and ladies, scientific and modern gymnasium and many more.

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At our centre, we especially focus on the fitness and diet of the patients. Accordingly, we have huge playgrounds for different sports games. Drug addicts can play any game of their interest under the superb guidance of the professional coaches. We have provisions for cricket, hockey, football, volleyball. Along with several indoor games as well.

We have grown a variety of useful trees in our farms at De addiction centre in Amritsar. Similarly, we grow our own fruits and vegetables without using any insecticide or vermicides etc. these are pure, fresh and organic, which we serve to our patients as per their diet chart.

Furthermore, we have a team of qualified and professional doctors, psychologists, and physiologists. They are performing their duties passionately. They regularly conduct yoga and meditation classes in the morning.

Similarly, in order to track the health progress of the patients, we daily check for blood-pressure, blood-sugar, body temperature and weight etc.

Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about our charges. Because we have designed a flexible price policy. In addition, we also offer discounts to the patients belonging to the weaker section of the society.

Moreover, we are offering free ambulance service 24*7 at our De addiction centre in Amritsar.

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