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De Addiction Centre in LudhianaOur De Addiction Centre in Ludhiana is helping people in removing their addiction to drugs for years. Lifeline Foundation has a chain of drug rehabilitation centres across north India. All are working exceptionally well to achieve its important and main objective of making the society free from drugs, alcohol and other harmful substances. At our rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana, we have created a remarkable history under the excellent and superb guidance of Mr. Sanjeev Sharma. He found Lifeline Foundation in the year 2000.

We will treat you with multi-step treatment procedure here at our De addiction centre in Ludhiana. Similarly, you will get full support and adaptive medical personnel. All of them are fully experienced with higher degrees of professional practice. Thousands of patients have got benefitted in the recent past at our Nasha Mukti Kender in Ludhiana.

We are fully capable of handling the complicated cases with our multi-specialty hospitality. Contact us at +917270033333 and get rid of your addiction to any kind of drugs. Because we have recovered thousands of drug addicts addicted to Marijuana, LSD, smoking, alcohol, opium, Heroin, Amphetamine, Ketamine, Psilocybin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine and many more.

We are making revolutionary efforts at our De Addiction Centre in Ludhiana

In the recent past, drug addiction has emerged as a dreadful evil in Punjab. Being an important and industrial area of Punjab, Ludhiana has also captured under it. Huge unemployment is prevailing in the state, which is the main reason behind drug addiction. Our educationally qualified youngsters are indulged to the drugs because of dark future in the state.

Otherwise, they are migrating to the foreign countries in search of employment. But the maximum of them are moving to the drugs. It becomes such a miserable and pitiful situation for the whole family whose young child falls into the drugs. Here they need the drug rehabilitation services nearby. At our de addiction centre in Ludhiana, we are fulfilling your desires with perfect treatment solutions. While admitting the patient into our rehab centre, we perform some important physical and psychological tests on them. Through it, we find out the various types of drugs the patient is using and the time period the patient is taking the drugs for. It helps us in making the full treatment process to produce the best results.

Our Rehab centre is full of exceptional facilities

At our De addiction centre in Ludhiana, we are producing the best and effective results because of our several exceptional facilities. Correspondingly, we have succeeded in attaining a higher success just because of rendering quality and useful services. Further, quality is an ultimate goal for us. Thousands of people are approaching us every year because of the strong reasons as follow:

Our hard-working staff is striving with dedication and punctuality to achieve our end-goal of washing-off the dreadful evil of drug addiction right from the roots.

Further, we possess fabulous and superb infrastructure at our de addiction centre in Ludhiana. It is comprising AC rooms, courtyards, and backyards, canteens, seminar and meeting halls etc.

We are offering separate swimming pools for ladies and gents to have some moments of relaxation.

All of our meals are full of a balanced diet. It comprises of fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, pure drinking water and many more as per the dietician guidance.

We are working in the healthy, clean and pollution-free environment. Our De addiction centre in Ludhiana is away from the crowdy and noisy city.

Our Professional team of doctors, meditation and yoga trainers are specialists and have won awards several times for rendering excellent services.

Meditation and yoga classes on daily basis.

Moreover, we have a record 100% satisfaction and our success rate is much higher comparatively.

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