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De Addiction Centre in PunjabDe Addiction Centre in Punjab: Lifeline Foundation is helping the society by fighting against the dreadful evil of drug addiction. Since our inception, we have done a remarkable job in the industry and emerged as the best de addiction Centre in Punjab. With our exceptional treatment facilities to cater to your needs, we have thousands of happy and satisfied patients around the world. They appreciate our efforts after getting superb results here at Lifeline Foundation.

Further, at Lifeline, we are serving the patients addicted to the most harmful and dangerous drugs like alcohol, smack, OPIUM, Marijuana, LSD, Psilocybin, Amphetamine, Ketamine, Cocaine, Heroin, and Methamphetamine etc. Call us at +917270033333 and get rid of these killing substances for sure at our nasha mukti kender in Punjab.

Lifeline is the World-class De Addiction Centre in Punjab

With a motive to wash-off the evil of drug addiction from the society, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma established a chain of drug rehabilitation Centres across the country. Correspondingly, in the year 2000, he started de addiction Centre in Punjab under his excellent guidance. Since then, it is running successfully and proving as a real lifeline for the society.

Drug addiction is a curse for our society. Because it acts like a silent death and affects the functioning of the society adversely. Likewise, the life of drug addicts is such a painful scene. It happens the biggest shock for the family whose member is addicted to any of the drugs. No drug is small or big. Even a small amount of drugs is harmful and injurious to health. Lifeline is fully capable of handling the different situations of the patients. Similarly, our specialists conduct the process of screening the body of the new incoming patients to our de addiction centre in Punjab. They take several tests and perform the next step of treatment according to the test reports.

Why are We the Best Option for you?

Lifeline Foundation has achieved a huge success in the recent past because of rendering tremendous medical facilities to the patients. We have recorded a customer satisfaction rate at large. People are approaching us because of our following features:

Firstly, we have a hygienic and greenish environment at our de addiction centre in Punjab. Because we are operating in a pollution free surroundings, away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

Lifeline has maintained a fully furnished and airy building including AC rooms, bathrooms, halls, and balconies etc.

Our infrastructure is well-equipped with modern and advanced facilities. We have swimming pools, courtyards, gardeners for the patients for some moments of relaxation.

A modern and scientific gymnasium enriched with advanced machines and equipment to make the patients physically sound.

Together with, we have experienced and trained medical staff members.

We perform Yoga and meditation classes on daily basis at our rehabilitation centre in Punjab.

Regular check-up of patients includes blood-pressure, body weight, temperature, blood-sugar etc. It helps in monitoring the health progress of the patients.

We have maintained a separate diet chart for each patient. It includes milk, fruits, nuts, purified drinking water and much more to make it a balanced diet.

At our de addiction centre in Punjab, we have vast playgrounds for extra curriculum activities including indoor and outdoor games as well.

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