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Rehabilitation Centre in PunjabRehabilitation centre in Punjab: Drug addiction is spreading in the society at a rapid pace. It has affected each and every corner of our society adversely. To overcome the evil, Lifeline Foundation was founded by Mr. Sanjeev Sharma in 2000. After a long time working experience, Lifeline has become the top and most reliable drug rehabilitation centre in Punjab. In addition, our advanced medical facilities and treatment therapies are very much effective in healing the patients to the full satisfaction.

We at Lifeline are striving for our ultimate objective of eliminating this dreadful and killing evil of drug addiction thoroughly from the roots. If you too are looking for the best rehabilitation centre in Punjab, then click us with closed eyes. Because we assure you will get a world class treatment which will be really helpful in getting you out of danger and make you capable of starting a new life confidently. Call at+917270033333 and make your life drug-free at our De-addiction Centre in Punjab.

We have a 100% Success rate at Our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab

Lifeline has gained a huge success in such a short period of time. Lifeline has earned a massive customer base because we have helped thousands of families around the world in rebuilding the lives of their drug addicted patients. Our certified and well-qualified specialist doctors, psychologists and physiologists conduct initial body screening of the patients and act further on behalf of the test reports.

Our day starts with yoga and meditation sessions following by the nutritionally balanced diet servings. We conduct regular check-ups to maintain proper health record for each patient individually. It helps us in monitoring the health progress of the patients and act accordingly. Additionally, we perform consulting seminars to generate self-confidence in the patients.

We have maintained a success record of 100% at our renowned rehabilitation centre in Punjab. Most importantly, our patients are 100% satisfied with our services and the way we treat them. They really appreciate our efforts after being capable of starting a healthy, respectful and drug-free life.

Key Reasons to Go for Us

  • Lifeline has maintained a perfect environment in rehabilitation centre in Punjab. It is located in the peaceful area which is too away from the hustle bustle of the city.
  • Our meditation and yoga programs are working as wonders for the patients. These programs are conducted on daily basis to nurture the patients mentally as well as physically.
  • After performing meditation and yoga sessions, we lay special emphasis on a healthy and balanced diet. Because we have maintained an individual record of diet plan as per health conditions. Mainly our diet chart includes fruit, milk and green vegetables that makes a balanced diet.
  • We have the best success and satisfaction rate at affordable prices.
  • Well-equipped infrastructure with AC rooms, swimming pool, gymnasium, and vast courtyard etc.
  • Balanced diet chart for every individual patient under the supervision of fitness trainers.
  • Daily checkups include temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure, weight etc. to maintain a personal health record to monitor the progress.
  • Yoga and meditation classes under the expertise of psychologists and physiologists.
  • Moreover, we have well arrangements for recreational activities at our Nasha Mukti kender in Punjab. We have separate grounds for indoor and outdoor games.
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